The Sooner Lunar Schooner

The Sooner Lunar Schooner mission is a robotic mission to the Moon that will hopefully launch in the latter half of this decade. The basic mission scenario is as follows: The spacecraft will be launched and inserted into a Lunar transfer orbit; A few minutes before impact on the Moon, a braking rocket (e.g., Star 27) will be fired killing off virtually all of the relative motion between the spacecraft and the Lunar surface; the spacecraft will come to a stop approximately 50 meters above the Lunar surface; it will then freefall to the surface; the landing ellipse will be centered around the Apollo 17 landing site; after landing, the landing capsule will split apart releasing the two rovers; one rover, capable of doing materials studies will head for the Apollo 17 LEM. The other, a high speed rover, will start on a traverse to Lunakhod 2’s last known position, approximately 140km distant.

The SLS mission also functions as a unique educational instrument. Classes in all engineering fields, as well as those in Physics, Journalism, Law etc can use the SLS mission as a domain for research and capstone projects.

You can follow various aspects of the SLS project through our publications and videos.

There is an interview of Prof. David Miller about the SLS Mission on The Space Show.

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