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updated: 08/22/07

Using the Transition to College Inventory to Identify and Treat Freshmen At-Risk for Academic Difficulty and Attrition
presented by Worth Pickering, Old Dominion University

Date of webinar: November 14, 2007

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Identifying and intervening with at-risk freshmen early in their academic careers is critical for their success. Researchers at Old Dominion University developed the Transition to College Inventory (TCI) to identify freshmen who, in spite of good high school GPA and SAT scores, are at-risk for academic difficulty and subsequent attrition. The goal of the TCI is to use an index to identify at-risk students before the semester begins and treat them before they encounter academic difficulty. The TCI Index is an accumulation of specific issues that researchers and assessment staff use to identify low, above average, and high risk students.

Academic affairs and student affairs staff and faculty in advising and counseling use the TCI Advising Profile to treat individual students. Tracking studies comparing the high risk group to the low risk group revealed significantly higher academic difficulty rates (42% vs. 18%) and attrition rates (36% vs. 20%) for high risk students after their freshman year and significantly lower six-year graduation rates (32% vs. 50%). The presentation will review the development and use of the TCI and discuss treating at-risk students using sample TCI Advising Profiles.




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