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updated: 08/22/07

The CSRDE is pleased to present the following free webinar sponsored by InsideTrack

Take this opportunity to gain some useful information along with getting a risk free trial of what the CSRDE webinar series has to offer. Although this is a free webinar, registration is still required, see below.

The CSRDE webinar series is a cost-effective way for participants to remain current with issues related to student retention and success. Each webinar will be about 60 minutes in length and will combine viewing slides online while listening to the presentation over the phone. Participants will be able to ask questions during this time as well.

Title: "Student Coaching – a Promising New Practice for Student Success and Student Retention"

Speakers: Kai Drekmeier, President and Co-Founder of InsideTrack
                Joe McFadden, Vice President of InsideTrack

Date and time of webinar: November 7, 2007 at 1pm CST

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Learn about one of the latest best practices for student engagement and retention, the importance of accountability in any student engagement program, and why a new model program, student success coaching, is being widely implemented across the country. The speakers will provide an instructional overview of the components of a coaching program, the benefits, implementation process, and results from actual client implementations. Most importantly, learn how student coaching programs capture qualitative and quantitative information from students that is used to improve services, enhance academic programs, and support early warning systems. The coaching program as implemented by InsideTrack has…


  • Delivered 10-15% improvements in student retention
  • Increased graduation rates, academic performance and institutional financial performance
  • Been proven in over 50 controlled studies at leading universities across the country
  • Impacted both traditional and continuing education students
  • Amplified the use of other university-based student services




The Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange at the University of Oklahoma is a consortium of two-year and four-year institutions dedicated to achieving the highest levels of student success through collaboratively sharing data, knowledge, and innovation.

CSRDE is a sponsored activity of the Center for Institutional Data Exchange and Analysis at

The University of Oklahoma Outreach
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