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updated: 08/22/07

Peer Advising: The Link Between Admission and Retention
presented by Sylvia Terry, University of Virginia

Date of webinar: September 10, 2008

*Materials for this webinar are not currently available.

To register for this webinar download this document, fill it out, and either mail or fax it to the CSRDE.


“Now that I am here, where is everybody?” This question is not uncommon. When arriving on a college campus for the first time, a freshman may feel isolated, lonely and as if no one cares. This is especially true for the African-American student who may be attending a predominantly white institution. Tradition, a seeming lack of sensitivity and concern may be off-putting as the student attempts to negotiate his college environment. Without support, he may simply choose to leave.

At the University of Virginia, there are several initiatives contributing to its having among the highest African-American graduation rates nation wide, over 85%. This is especially significant in light of the institution’s past history of slavery and segregation. Perhaps one of its most important retention efforts is its Office of African-American Affairs’ Peer Advisor Program. Drawing upon the principles of retention, its work is to help provide an environment which is welcoming and supportive of new students.

This presentation will explain the program’s philosophy and structure (an outgrowth and extension of the admissions process), its practices and procedures (Peer Advisor outreach, programming, the director’s role, “the Raising the Bar” study initiative, and technology), the program’s effectiveness (for first-year students) and benefits (for the Peer Advisors themselves.)




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