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updated: 08/22/07

Intrusive Mentoring: Assistance for Developmental and At-Risk Students
presented by Kevin Pollock, West Shore Community College

Date of webinar: May 14, 2008

*Materials for this webinar are not currently available.

To register for this webinar download this document, fill it out, and either mail or fax it to the CSRDE.


Utilizing a team approach, faculty and staff at West Shore Community College have created an intrusive mentoring program and increased the success of at-risk students in developmental classes. The basis for the intrusive mentoring model, based on detailed research, combined elements of supplemental instruction and intrusive advising with the needs of students and can be a model utilized by small institutions and community colleges.

Tied to the College’s accreditation and strategic plan, a project was created to increase the success of at-risk students. Instead of identifying individual at-risk students, the team utilized a supplemental instruction model “D,F,W” report that identified at-risk courses. Data showed that students in the college’s developmental math and English classes had very low success rates, with nearly forty percent of the students not receiving a grade of “C” or higher. Based on research, mentors attempted to assist students learn the norms of the campus culture, find a niche, connect to the college, and most importantly, learn how and where to seek help. Data collection from such areas as student and mentor surveys, success in subsequent courses, and mentored and non-mentored student comparisons have allowed for upgrades and expansion of the program and increases in student success.




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